Dark Dimensions
Dark Dimensions

Volunteer Applications for Dark Dimensions 2020
open 1/11/2020 at 12 PM ET until 7/31/2020 at 12 AM ET

Dark Dimensions Volunteer Application
Dark Dimensions Volunteer Application

Please review the benefits to volunteering at
Dark Dimensions to the right and rules below before applying as volunteer staff for Dark Dimensions 2020:

  • Not all applicants will be accepted, we have a need for volunteers workers of course, but we will only be filling up to 30 volunteer spots for Dark Dimensions 2020.
  • Due to liability rules from our insurance provider, applicants must be 18 years old or older to be accepted. 
  • If volunteers see something that violates Dark Dimensions policy, they are to report it to Con Security or staff members at the Dark Dimensions Registration Tables or the Convention Operations Office (if we have space to set up a true Con Ops Office) immediately and the security team and/or executive staff will handle the situation post-haste.
  • Volunteers, once chosen, will receive an outline of responsibilities for the different posts they may be assigned at Dark Dimensions 2020. As a heads up, most volunteers will be needed as gofers for the executive staff and celebrity guests, panel room monitors (keeping panels on schedule, both starting and ending), badge checking attendees before they enter badge restricted areas of the convention's venue and Panels as well as badge types and levels for age and/or VIP restricted panels/activities/events, helping guide attendees to events/panels/activities if they can't find what they are looking for, helping with screenings, and monitoring/badge checking the gaming area.
  • Dark Dimensions Volunteer Staff must be welcoming of all attendees and willing to help attendees to the best of their abilities as outlined in the volunteer responsibilities accepted applicants will receive following their acceptance.
  • Volunteers are expected to follow the same rules and codes of conduct Dark Dimensions asks of its attendees and merchants; be welcoming, be inclusive, be accepting, and have FUN.

Dark Dimensions 2020 Volunteer Staff Application

* = Required Field, applications with missing required information will be considered void, please make sure to fill in all required information

+ - Due to liability rules from our insurance provider, applicants must be 18 years old or older to be accepted

Volunteer Benefits

  • Complimentary General Admission Ticket
  • Free Dark Dimensions
  • Free VIP Ticket to Following Year of Convention*
  • Automatic Acceptance of Volunteer Application for Following Year of Convention* if desired in place of VIP Ticket
  • Letter of Recommendation from Dark Dimensions' Chairman for applying to staff other Conventions upon request*

 * Upon completion of your chosen hours of volunteer service to Dark Dimensions