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Dark Dimensions 2020 Merchant Registration
now OPEN!

2020 Merchant Registration opened November 1, 2019 at 12 PM ET and will close on April 30, 2020 at 12 AM ET or when all available spaces are filled. An application and jurying process was originally planned for this year, but since it is our first year, and we received several requests to forego a jurying process, we are accommodating that request for 2020 and will revisit possibly jurying our Merchant Zone in future years.

We will have an application just for our 2020 Merchant Wait List following the close of the regular Merchant Zone Registration time period. The application for our Merchant Wait List will be open from  May 1, 2020 until July 30, 2020. Applications received for our wait list will be reviewed and juried in the order they are submitted if space within our 2020 Merchant Zone opens up.

Please review the following Merchant Zone details, rules and regulations, guidelines, and F.A.Q. below before purchasing your space(s):

Merchant Zone Details:

  • Registration fee for Merchants is $100 per space 
  • Merchant spaces at Dark Dimensions 2020 will be 8' X 5' (eight foot long and five foot deep)
  • Space includes an 8' table and two chairs
  • Merchants will receive three (3) merchant badges, per space, with their registration fee to not only sell their wares at Dark Dimensions 2020, but also enjoy all the programming and events open to 3 Day General Admission Ticket holding attendees
  • If Merchants need more than the three merchant badges included with their registration fee, they are available, up to three (3), at a discounted rate of $15.00 per Merchant Badge; you will asked if you need any additional badges in your Merchant Registration Confirmation message following your purchase. Please keep an eye out for this message and let our con chair know so you may be invoiced via PayPay ASAP; additional Merchant Badges at the special rate will NOT be available at the show
  • There will not be individual waste baskets at each merchant space, but there will be large bins provided by the venue at easily accessible locations throughout the ballroom area of The Mountain Laurel Resort & Spa used as the Merchant Zone
  • Our 2020 venue, The Mountain Laurel Resort & Spa, is a completely smoke free environment (cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, tobacco pipes, marijuana cigarettes, bongs, hashpipes, and vaping are prohibited), please bear this in mind, also be aware there are designated smoking areas around the exterior of The Mountain Laurel Resort & Spa where cigarettes and vaping devices are allowed. However, violators may be asked to leave the convention either by the convention staff, venue staff, or both if caught smoking in prohibited areas

Dark Dimensions Merchant Rules & Regulations

  • Both dealers and artists fall under the title of Merchant at Dark Dimensions, this is to create an atmosphere of equality among our Merchants, and not a "battle" of which is more important in our Merchant Zone.
  • Bootlegged items (CDs, DVDs/BluRays, merchandise, collectibles, action figures, autographs, statuary, other bootlegged memorabilia et. all) are forbidden. If a merchant is found to be in violation of this rule, they will be shut down by the executive staff of Dark Dimensions, they will then be escorted with their wares from the hosting venue by Dark Dimensions' security and will be forced to relinquish their merchant badges of attendance to Dark Dimensions without refund of their merchant registration fee. They will also be banned from vending at Dark Dimensions in future years.
  • For those merchants offering art prints, Fan Art and commissions are acceptable to offer, as long as artists offer original design pieces (prints and/or originals) on hand; medium not restricted. Direct copying of the original artwork of others (i.e. tracing and/or exact duplication of DVD/BD box art, comic book covers/interior pages, novel covers, music album covers et. al) is prohibited and is grounds for immediate expulsion from Dark Dimensions' Merchant Zone as well as being permanently banned from selling at future Dark Dimensions and its affiliated events. Please note, "originals" refers to original designs of the artist, original sketches need not be on hand, especially since many artists utilize digital mediums to create their pieces and/or sell prints. 
  • Merchants offering commissioned sketches of attendees, be they in cosplay or plainclothes, are not allowed to continue selling that sketch (reproduced or scanned) to other customers at Dark Dimensions without express written consent from the subject of the sketch. If a merchant is found to be selling the image of a live person without that person's consent they will be removed from the Merchant Zone, without refund, and will be banned from Dark Dimensions in future years. WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
  • Music at low levels is acceptable to be played in your booth. Compromises, in the event of disturbing booths around you, is left up to individual Merchants, not Dark Dimensions staff and/or volunteers; though executive staff may intervene and enforce a compromise should the merchants not be able or willing to do so on their own.
  • Carnival barking from your booth, taunts, intimidation, hate speech, "negging" patrons to buy, and/or humiliation to extort sales will not be accepted. Failure to comply will result in expulsion without refund from Dark Dimensions and permanent banning from future Dark Dimensions events.
  • There is a 10 foot height restriction on display/signage pieces for Merchant spaces. If you break this rule you will be asked to take down your display/sign. Failure to comply or combative behavior will result in expulsion from the Merchant Zone at Dark Dimensions without refund and possible permanent banning.
  • Merchants will not exceed their purchased sales space, Dark Dimensions staff will not allow merchants to encroach on one another's spaces. Happy and courteous neighbors make a good Merchant Zone a great Merchant Zone.
  • Merchants are expected, but not forced, to acknowledge and keep the same daily hours as listed in the column above and to the right for the Dark Dimensions Merchant Zone. If you choose to pack up and leave before the convention's final day or closing hour of the final day, for any reason, you will not be entitled to a partial or full refund of the merchant registration fee. Leaving before Dark Dimensions' posted hours is the choice and responsibility of the merchant not the convention nor its staff.
  • Merchants will be subject to on-site inspection during and after load in/set up by con staff to further ensure that there are no bootlegs or stolen intellectual property (IP) in the Dark Dimensions Merchant Zone, merchants found with bootleg merchandise during and/or after set up will be ejected and banned from Dark Dimensions permanently without refund in part or in full of their registration fee, no exceptions.
  • Merchants are expected to adhere to these merchant specific rules and regulations for selling at Dark Dimensions, but they are also expected to adhere to the rules and etiquette practices that attendees are. These general rules, con etiquette, and behavior guidelines may be found on the Convention Info page; be kind, be courteous, be welcoming, follow the convention dress code (no nudity in full or partial, no exposed genitals or nipples) whether cosplaying or not, and have fun with attendees, other merchants, and con staff. Together let's make a great con experience for all!

Merchant Application F.A.Q.

  • How much do extra merchant badges cost merchants?
    Extra badges, over and above the three (3) provided with your registration fee (if approved to vend to at Dark Dimensions), are $15 per badge. Up to three discount badges are available for merchants, option to purchase additional Merchant Badges will be given in Merchant Registration Confirmation message sent within 12 to 72 hours after purchase; they are each written and sent by our con chair, this part of our registration process is not automated.
  • Why can I only buy three (3) merchant spaces?
    In 2016, at our sibling SaikouCon Anime Convention, there were merchants that bought four or more spaces at a time, while it was our fault for allowing this, it created a hectic, tight, and unfair landscape in the SaikouCon Merchant Hall. We will not allow this at Dark Dimensions. Up to three spaces still allows most merchants the room they need to properly display and sell their wares, but keeps the landscape of the Dark Dimensions Merchant Zone competitive without giving any one merchant a monopoly on space in the vending area.

Dark Dimensions 2020 Merchant Zone Registration

$100.00 Per Space - 3 Merchant Space Maximum

Number of Merchant Spaces

Dark Dimensions 2020 Merchant Zone Hours

  • Friday, September 25:
    12 PM - 7 PM
  • Saturday, September 26:
    10 AM - 7 PM
  • Sunday, September 27:
    10 AM - 5 PM

Merchant Refund Policies

  • Merchants will be entitled to a full refund of their registration fee only if Dark Dimensions is for any reason completely cancelled for the year.
  • If a merchant must cancel their appearance in our Merchant Zone, following their passing of our jury process, their registration fee is non-refundable for self cancellation. Self cancellation is the responsibility of the merchant. Dark Dimensions, its staff, and hosting venue are not liable for self cancellation regardless of the reason.
  • If a merchant is unable to attend after registering for a space, their space may be transferred to another merchant if the cancelling merchant does not wish their space(s) released to our merchant wait list. If this should happen, please contact Dark Dimensions' Chair, Michael Meade, at conops@darkdimensionscon.com and he will get you squared away on the transfer ASAP! Transfers of merchant spaces are available, if needed, until one (1) month, 30 business days, prior to the event.
  • If a merchant that must cancel their time at Dark Dimensions, but does not wish to have their space(s) released to another merchant on the convention's wait list, are then responsible for finding their own replacement if they wish to recover their registration fee by subletting their space(s), merchants brought into the convention's Merchant Zone in this fashion will still be subject to a jury process of their wares to ensure they live up to the standards Dark Dimensions has set down in the list of rules and regulations to the left. The convention does NOT offer intermediary services for merchants to sublet their purchased space beyond releasing cancelled spaces to our wait list, which does not entitle cancelled merchant to any subletting fee.